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What is blacklight?

A blacklight (or black light), also referred to as a UV-A light, or simply ultraviolet light -A lamp, is a lamp that emits long-wave UV-A ultraviolet light and not much visible light.

Is there a difference between blacklight and blacklight?

The answer is yes! Different lamps are disigned differently and work differently. Due to the  more recent evolvement of technologies, some LED UV black lights which emitts narrow band UV-A have gained more popularity in many areas due to its much enhanced power and superior performances compared to traditional black light bulbs. Among the LED blacklights, different LED sources work slightly differently. Even with the same or similar LED sources, different brands with similar looks or similar lamp bodies also perform quite differently. Good quality LED black lights will be the key to the desired applications.

How to throw a blacklight party?

Black light parties are also known as glow in the dark parties. Here are a few key steps to follow in order to make a good glow in the dark party (blacklight party). A balcklight party is appropriate for any ages, but it is often a good treat for the teens. But really, there are no limitations on how you would throw a blacklight party, it could be for a daughter's birthday, or it could be for some more private occasions when the party is just for two.



When it comes to blacklights, we narrow it down to a few factors. First, we need to know the area we are trying to cover. Second, we estimate the size of the blacklights we need based on the size of the area we are trying to cover. Remember, different designs of the blacklight lamps produce different amount of lights, so wattage is not the only consideration when you pick out the LED blacklights. Also, different brands with similar designs tend to have vastly different performances. Use HouLight 10W UV LED flood light (blacklight) for example, being the leading American brand in this particular application, there are many copycats imitating her styles. However, majority of those which are alleged to be 10W are in fact only as little as 6 to 9 watts, or even just 5 watts in the real blacklight output. More importantly, they might be lacking proper designs and key internal parts which will prevent reliable usages in the long haul. A trustable blacklight provides a reliable, stunning, and durable effect, so, pick yours well. Rule of thumb is, a 20W HouLight UV LED blacklight is good for a typical-size bedroom, sometimes for a small room, even a 10W would do. The key is: get the lights as early as possible so that you could test it out sooner rather than waiting until the last-minute. The truth is, we heard many stories of people buying them too late and end up with getting a carrier-damaged light one day prior to the party or finding that they need more lights but do not enough time to order new ones.

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Step2: decorations and Accessories

Glow balloons, blacklight posters, glow paints, glow tapes, glow sticks, blacklight poster paints, etc. If you are on a budget, you might even try with some white tapes (but be sure to test its "glowness" first with UV light to make sure they are the type which can glow under UV). You can also black light paints to paint some pictures, streaks and patterns on some surfaces. Explore with your imaginations! There are a lot more of "UV reactive" materials which you can use to decorate with, for example, even yellow and orange highlighter pens on a white paper can be a good source of "glow in the dark" decorations for blacklight parties!

Step3: what to wear

When you really run out of ideas, try white fabrics. You could also try to add some glow paint onto your white T-shirt so it will be more colorful. Another fun idea is to try to break up your glow  apparels with spaces which doesn't glow. Short sleeves with white head band and wrist bands -- add a black belt, white shorts and sneakers with white laces and you've got a look. Add some glow paint accents and you will WOV everybody! And remember, clothing doesn't need to be white to be effective -- most jeans have enough white threads to look cool in black light. A dark shirt with white embroidery looks good too.

Step4: face and body paint

Sure, kids all love face painting but as adults, we should be there to make sure SAFETY comes first. Only buy face and body paint which are non-toxic, easily washable. Don't get the cheap ones. Also you don't need to get a lot, remember, just add a little bit of flavor to the glow in the dark party and usually a small bottle could go a long way. There are various types/colors of face and body paints and some even come with glow powders. Rather than DIY, you could also hire one of the professionals who specializes in face painting for kids parties, that might save you the headaches.

Step5: lights out

Shut the doors and windows, avoid ambient lights, turn off the lights (except your LED UV blacklights) and enjoy the party!

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